Benefits of Riding in Standing Position

Did you know that from a recent study, we spend about an average of 9.3 hours a day sitting? From watching TV, conversing, eating our meals, sitting in our desks, and computers. We’re sitting down than more than ever in history and our bodies aren’t built for that. Unfortunately, with this kind of lifestyle we may encounter health risks from excessive lounging and sitting around.


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On the brighter side, you may choose to switch and add an alternative transportation that can turn these around by riding electric scooters. In this article, consider these overlooked benefits of using electric scooters.


Gives You A Break From Sitting

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As mentioned above, more health risks are involved by lounging and sitting around for more than 8 hours. Some of your muscles may numb, cramp and decrease blood flow and oxygen in your body. By using your electric scooter as one of your personal mobility devices, it can lessen the minutes or even hours from sitting and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Increases Blood Flow in Lower Extremities

Standing while riding can promote good blood flow throughout the body when done properly. Standing while riding squeezes the leg veins pushing blood up to the heart more efficiently and promotes greater oxygen flow through your body as you heart is pumping and lungs are taking in air.  If your riding position gets tiresome, or not comfortable enough, try to change it and find your most comfortable position enough for you to confidently and gracefully ride your electric scooter.


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Burn Calories

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Yes, you can burn calories while riding your electric scooter, about 220 Kcal per 30 minutes. This happens when we use our leg muscles; front quadriceps and back hamstring with lateral leg as if we are engaging in some physical activity at that moment. These can also strengthen our knees and joint and takes pressure off our lower back with the right posture. However, do not forget to change the positions of your legs or body when riding for a more comfortable and safer ride to avoid cramps and injuries.

More Control of your Electric Scooter

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By standing while riding in low speed can allow you to maneuver better in tight spaces, potholes and curbs. Standing up may affect your riding speed but you may feel more confident when cornering at low speeds since the way the body is positioned and distributed, it allows more stability and gracefulness. Lastly, by standing up while riding in your electric scooter gives you an improved sight and vantage point of cars, pedestrians and traffic so you can be more alert and decisive with your movements that can highly help avoid injuries or accidents.

Make Vehicles Notice You More

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Apart from great vantage points for upcoming traffic and obstacles, by standing while riding your electric scooters may help other vehicles notice you more because others can clearly see what’s right in front or beside them and what is much taller than them. While riding in a low position, many vehicles may not notice you right away.

Helps to Ease Through Poor Road Conditions

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We all know these, most of our roads in the city have potholes, awkward road humps and uneven finish. By standing while riding, these type of road conditions can prepare you to absorb the shock and give you greater stability. And if the road is too bumpy or uneven, you can slow down and confidently step down from your electric scooter easily.

Hence, apart from the usual benefits of electric scooters in terms of saving money and efficiently travelling from one place to another, it is also a great way to promote or improve a healthy lifestyle. Once you get the hang of riding your electric scooter, we are sure that you will be thrilled to ride it every day with a wide grin on your face.

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