Best Electric Kick Scooter

While seeing and browsing thru dozens of electric scooters in the market, you stumble upon lots of brands, benefits, disadvantages and specifications but still can’t decide what’s the best and the right fit for you. And with the current gas prices, traffic, limited parking space and limited transportation due to quarantine. You might want to consider if an electric scooter is fit for you.  Hopefully, this 10 things to can help and guide you make the right choice when buying your first electric scooter.

Firstly, what are electric scooters? Simply put, they are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels. The electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery which drives the electric motors and equipped with brakes. Nonetheless, they are a clever and safe way of exploring or commuting a space.


Here are 10 things to check before buying:


best electric kick scooter


First is check the brand of they manufacture their own scooter. As we mentioned above, there are dozens and if not hundreds of electric scooters available,  but we need to be smart enough to consider a reputable and known brand. One sign that can aid validate a good brand is to see if the brand is being carried in various parts of the world. Since, a well-known and experienced brand of electric scooters that are readily available in different countries, means that it has passed quality standards by putting efforts to design a good quality scooter. You can also check the factories that can support your scooter’s parts and services and furthermore, check the brand’s authenticity and years in the service.

To add,  a good brand will always find ways to innovate and improve. The advantage of having a branded scooter is a research and development team behind you. This means the brand will continuously explore and improve on their product and support for their scooters and clients. Surely, they will innovate and launch new products and models, but rest assured the old models will still have support just in case you still want to hold on to your initial investments.

Service Center and Physical Store

Find a reliable service center for your scooter. A crucial part, since not all sellers will promise warranties or worst will know how to fix their own products. A reliable service center can fix simple brake pads down to the most complicated ones like battery issues and the like. And can provide you a monthly checkup to keep your scooter in tip-top shape.  Today, you can buy almost anything online including electric scooters, we suggest you find a brand that has a store or a showroom where you can test and ride the scooters for yourself.  From there, a brand specialist can help and guide you pick the right scooter for your needs and answer some simple do’s and don’ts with an electric scooter. For example, its top speed, mileage, weight limit, cost and simple troubleshooting; essentials for a beginner making an investment.


Given the road conditions in your city, you can never go wrong with an electric scooter equipped with quality and effective suspensions. Road bumps and can be a large factor when using a scooter specially if you decide to use your electric scooters daily. It can get a little bumpy and tiresome if your electric scooter is not equipped with suspensions.


Battery Capacity

Check for the maximum range that will suit your travel distance. Is your scooter your daily ride to work which is 5kms away from your house? By considering your usual travel distance, carry weight, terrain and other conditions, you can check if your chosen electric scooter can support your commute efficiently. By considering this you can go where you need to go without worrying if you won’t have enough battery juice to get you there and back.

Motor Power and Speed

Asses the max speed you can handle. Like with batteries there are many ranges of motors, there are single and dual motors that you can choose from.  You may ask yourself, Am I an extreme rider, Do I live in the area that has a lot of hills? Am I a heavier rider? Given these and your skills and confidence as a rider, you can assess which electric scooter you can handle safely.   

Handlebar Height

When trying to test out an electric scooter, measure your arm’s position that offers the best ride comfort. Since you want to be able to steer the electric scooter comfortably and confidently.

best electric kick scooter 

Scooter and Weight Capacity

Verify if the scooter matches your weight and see if you can lift or carry the scooter for transport. One of the factors that affects the range and speed of the electric scooters is your weight. Also consider the portability, do you need an extra-fast folding system and extra-light electric scooter for your everyday commuting to work?


Ask if they have a chassis serial no. for future registration of your unit. This will ensure that your investment is future-proof just in case certain laws will be implemented for the use of electric scooters in your city.


To add, consider  the warranty period. Apart from a quality scooter, you need to make sure that your brand can give you peace of mind. The longer the warranty, the better. This will also show that the brand is confident enough and has available parts just in case you need to them.

 best electric kick scooter


Last but not the least is the budget.  As with most motor vehicles, the higher you go in price, the more features you can expect. However, we suggest that don’t settle for the cheapest, instead work on getting the best scooter you can afford.

 best electric kick scooter

We hope that these 10 simple guides or checklist  may influence and lead you on the improvement of your perception to choose the right scooter for your needs. Choose wisely and always ride safely!