Makina's Drag Lords Event: EKS Rider Takeaways by Franco Moje

Last, March 8, 2020 we were able to join Makina's Drag Lords Race and organize the first ever Drag Race event for Electric Scooters 🛴👍💨 . Indeed, it was a memorable experience to ride and promote a fun and healthy competition between our Kaaborkads and fellow motorcycle drag racers.  

(see the full event video here ) 

kaabo drag lords

Sharing his experience is Franco Moje one of our kaaborkads. Read more below.  


Hello! My name is Franco! And I’m finally writing to share with you my super takeaways on the Drag Lords event.

Together with the “Kaaborkads”, this event happened last March 08, 2020, right before the hit of the covid-19 pandemic. It was held along the Katigbak Parkway in front of the Quirino Grandstand (Luneta) in Manila. The place was converted into an awesome drag racing venue, where sponsor flags were everywhere, the environment was controlled, and, more importantly, even if the event was near Luneta, there’s no pedestrians suddenly crossing on the venue.


To describe the event in a short sentence: It Is Legit, Man!

That’s why to get started, I break down my takeaways by asking myself the question: why do you need to experience drag racing using your electric kick scooter?


Here we go!


#1 It tests the capability of your electric kick scooter (EKS).


On brochures, we often see the high value numbers of the specs of our electric kick scooters. However, not all EKS stores have enough space where we can test drive it to prove whether the speed indicated on the brand’s brochure is true or not. The only thing we can do is just estimate or prove it along the way if there’s any chance. However, with drag racing, you’ll get to know your EKS more! 


Since I’ve mentioned that it was held in a controlled environment and the goal of the race is to be ahead of everyone else, there’s actually no one holding you back to go full throttle and max it out. The fun part is, I get to feel the top speed of my ride and know how far it could go after several tries on the race track.


I also learned the things that I need to adjust or improve in terms of my riding style and needed accessories in order to maximize my riding experience in a non-racing condition.


#2 Safety and Risk.


Here, since I finally get to try the capabilities of my EKS – from its speed, the power of its brake, and the relation of my weight to the speed – I finally have an understanding on my limits and the risks when riding it on roads during a real traffic situation.


For example, since I’m heavy because my height and weight, I realized that the brakes take longer to bite if I run my EKS on its top speed. Also, my EKS wiggles at 75 kph when I was wearing loose shirt, compared when I wore the safety gear provided and sponsored by the event – that’s air resistance and importance of proper gear!


Details like these are very important, especially if you wanted to level up your overall safety, and I’ve learned it on the race. And I can run a long list of things I’ve learned, but perhaps I’ll just create another topic for that.


#3 It’s an experience!


Let’s face it! You can never do drag racing on your streets. The rules in the race track are not the same as the rules in the real traffic situation. Not unless if you want to get caught by the police or be a popular topic on social media, do it at your own risk. Good luck! Not to mention, there’s also the danger of the uncontrolled environment and poor roads conditions in Metro Manila. It’s really risky. Therefore, don’t even attempt to practice on our roads.


At drag racing sports events, those things would not hold you back for a moment. There are rules to follow, of course, but it won’t stop you from feeling the adrenaline on your system. And you don’t need to worry because everything you need is organized, you just have to sign up and participate.


I remember when I was about to race, I was super nervous to step on the race track! But after my first race, I always wished I was next in line. In fact, as I write this, flashbacks are coming in and I’m missing it already! It’s one of the positives things I thank God that happened before all these pandemic craziness took place.


Shall I do it again?


Of course!


Drag Lord is supposedly running its second leg on May 17, and the third leg on June 14. However, but due to the policies imposed for community quarantine and for the safety of everyone, it looks like this won’t happen anytime soon. But I’m crossing my fingers because I want to race again.


Moreover, I also think that we should start looking at the sports side capabilities of the EKS. Just like Bike, Motorcycle, and Cars, I know there are a lot of enthusiasts in the industry willing to try this and develop more sporting events eventually. With proper guidelines, rules, and set up, I think more than a mode of transportation, EKS has a future on sports as well.


Stay Safe!



About Writer:


Hi! I’m Franco Moje. I’m work an illustrator and creator of Milk and Coffee Adventures comics. I’m an electric kick scooter rider since December 2018. From an entry-level scooter, I upgraded to Kaabo Wolf Warrior in October 2019. The rest is history.