Ekstreme Pricelist (JULY 2021)

Aerlang 8 Eco: Php 19,999

Aerlang 8 Plus: Php 27,995

Aerlang 8 Pro: Php 32,995

Zukboard: Php 39,000

Hiley X8: Php 34,995

Hiley X9: Php 44,995

HIley X10: Php 47,995

Aerlang 10 Pro: Php 39,995

Kaabo Mantis Lite: Php 55,000

Kaabo Mantis Plus: Php 82,000 (Dual Motor)

Kaabo Mantis Pro: Php 110,000 (Dual Motor)

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X: Php 130,000 (Dual Motor)

Kaabo Wolf Warrior+: Php 145,000 (Dual Motor)

Kaabo Wolf King GT: Php 180,000 (Dual Motor)

 ekstreme electric scooters pricelist 2021

aerlang 8 eco electric scooter


ekstreme electric scooters


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