Electric Scooter Safety and Road Etiquette Tips

Having an electric scooter is definitely a fun and efficient way to travel, whether for work, errands or leisure rides but please make sure you are equipped with the basic safety guides, and road etiquette that can help your experience with your electric scooters safe and memorable. Especially with the new normal and General Quarantine just around the corner, some of us are choosing to ride solo. Hence, electric scooters will be one of the most efficient form of personal mobility as a precaution to effectively practice social distancing when travelling. 

Listed below are a couple tips an EKS rider must know,follow, and share. 

Safety Gear

Whether we like it our not accidents cannot be averted, that is why it is better to be prepared at all times. By wearing the right safety gear there is no such thing as over-preparation. Make sure you have the following safety gear:

  • proper helmet that fits well (full face is highly recommended)
  • knee pads and elbow pads
  • gloves
  • closed shoes
  • reflectorized vest or clip on lights for more visibility

Invest in a good quality safety gear to ensure the longevity and protection quality. 


electric scooter safety gear

electric scooter safety gear kaabo

 Always do a "pre-flight" check

Before rushing out to take your scooter out ensure you have done a pre-flight check to avoid hiccups on your trip:

  • Check if your tires has the correct tire pressure
  • Battery check, if you have enough battery for your trip
  • No loose bolts and screws
  • Make sure stem latch is locked
  • Check the Brakes, physically grip to make sure its not loose
  • Rubber caps are closed, specially the charging ports 
  • Ensure working lights. Important that you are visible to other pedestrians and fellow motorists

kaabo electric scooter

When Riding

It is an advantage if you have an experience riding thru the busy streets of Manila or your current city. But the key important factor is to anticipate and be cautious at all times. Here are some tips: 

  • Use bike paths or bike lanes
  • If there are no bike lanes, stay on the side of the road
  • Always maintain a safe speed that you are comfortable and confident with
  • Keep a safe distance and don’t tailgate. Maintain at least a distance of 2 cars. This will ensure that you can act accordingly and anticipate the risk quickly
  • Know your limits and experience:
    • If you’re just a beginner explore safely your capacity to ride you electric scooters. Practice makes perfect.
  • Dismount and push at traffic junctions
  • Give way to pedestrians
  • If congested area dismount and push
  • Follow traffic rules and regulations like traffic lights, road signs and obey all traffic regulations
  • If it rains while riding, pull over to a safe and covered area and avoid puddles
  • Ride in single file when approaching other riders
  • Upon reaching your destination, make sure your scooters are properly and safely parked
  • After use, make it a habit to sanitize your scooters especially the handle bars, deck and tires

For more in-depth guide on electric scooter safety and road etiquette watch the video below: 

Safety and Etiquette is paramount when using electric scooters. Let’s do our part and share the road safely with others, especially with the new normal it is important that we are aware and we can practice these basic guidelines and etiquette as responsible EKS riders.Please wear mask at all times and Ride Safe!