What's the right electric scooter for me?

With the rise of traffic, high gas prices, and hassles of everyday commute alternative transportation grew more popular each day. One admired alternative transportation are electric kick scooter because they are easy to use, fun, efficient, and eco-friendly.  And with the recent pandemic caused by COVID19, an electric scooter may be the transportation alternative you’re looking for to observe social distancing.

But with many brands and models of electric scooters available in the market today, it can be a bit overwhelming for folks who are searching for an alternative mode of transportation that can fit their needs and wants.  With this, we want to help you get a clearer picture.


Beginner Electric Scooters

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In this first category, you will get the first feel of the pros and cons of using electric scooters. This first category is recommended for minimal or light use, without previous experience, and perfect for those who have a limited budget. Usually, these electric scooters have minimal capacity range, motors, batteries, and features but on the brighter side these scooters are incredibly light and portable. Suitable for Bi-modal commuters where you can fold and carry the scooter inside trains, buses, jeepneys or ferries.  These may be entry level and affordable electric scooters but their features and specifications will definitely be worth your attention and budget.

 kaabo air

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Advanced Electric Scooters

If you have previous riding experience, willing to shell out more budget and your commutes requires more range and features compared to entry level needs, these advanced scooters may be for you. These electric scooters are fairly balanced in terms of features, quality, performance, and price. This category is suitable for daily travel and offers portability in small spaces.


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kaabo mantis 8 electric scooter

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Commuter Electric Scooter

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This third category will give riders more comfortable suspension, large motors, bigger batteries and better brakes. With these upgrades, these electric scooters will give you more freedom to travel longer range with speed, ease and comfort. Perfect for city rides around the metro either for work, errands or for leisure.  However, with upgrades comes increased weight that makes portability a bit challenging.

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Pro Scooters

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The last class of electric scooter offers high performance, serious speed and long-range travel.  These scooters are upgraded with top of the line dual motors, brakes, suspensions, body built and generous battery packs. With better suspensions comes better comfort, better control, performance and durability. Here you will also get premium feature and more freedom to accessorize.  These are more than capable of your daily commutes and capable of long leisurely rides even in the wild, but these will be heavier compared to the other electric scooters.

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But  given all of these categories, it is also important that a rider takes into consideration certain factors to find the right scooter such as, skill, weight, usual travel, purpose and lifestyle changes included in this type of alternative transportation. Switching or adding this mode of transportation will be an investment that will be beneficial in the long run.  The features and specifications included per category may vary but we always recommend that don’t settle for the cheapest, but work on getting the best scooter you can afford.

 All the electric scooters mentioned in this article are all available in our shop. Contact us and we are more than happy to help you find the best electric scooter for your needs.