Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

Our main retail and service center is at QUEDSA Branch, but we have 12 dealers in the Philippines. Click here to see our main location. 

We are located at the ff branches:

📍 Quedsa Plaza, Quezon Avenue corner EDSA, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines, we are near MRT Quezon Avenue Station beside McDonalds & 7-11.We are open, Mondays-Sundays 10AM-6PM please click the link to see our location. https://bit.ly/EkstremeScooterLocation

📍Buma Bldg. Metropolitan Ave., Brgy San Antonio, Makati City.

Hope you can visit us soon! For more info please call our hotline 0917 569 7788.

Check out or other locations and official fb pages:

📍Ekstreme Cebu

📍Ekstreme Baguio

📍Ekstreme Davao

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Are electric scooters waterproof? 

No, they are not waterproof. We also discourage you to use your scooters when it's raining to avoid injuries and repair. If it suddenly starts raining, pull over to a safe and covered area. 

Are electric scooters foldable?

Yes, almost all electric scooters are foldable. 

Can I take my scooters in trains, buses and airplanes?

Electric scooters are only allowed to travel via land and sea. Airplane regulations doesn’t allow live or active battery cells with this capacity.

Can I ride my electric scooters in sidewalks?

Yes you can ride your electric scooters at sidewalks with precaution.But make sure to prioritze pedestrians. 

What's the lifespan of electric scooters?

The average lifespan of electric scooters is around 3-5 years or more. Maintenance is paramount to keep your scooters in healthy condition. 

In case of repair and damage, where do I get spare parts and service for my electric scooter? 

Our main service center, EKS Lab have parts and can repair your electric scooters.Click here to check our EKS Lab. 

My electric scooter won't charge.  What should I do first?

Check the charger if it's correctly connected. Check the power outlet if its working. 

What is the difference between brushless motors and gear motors?

Brushless motor is run by magnets, while gear motor has spikes inside the hub. For better speed, brushless is recommended, for torque & power efficiency, the gear motor is better.

Why are suspensions important in electric scooters? 

It gives you more control, prevents flat tires, and protects your body from vibrations.

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What is the difference between dual and single motors?

Single motor operates on a single motor hub, normally placed at the rear of the scooter. Dual motor is dual drive operated by a switch to activate

What is the right PSI for my tires? 

Normally, the tires have max psi label on the sides. Most 10" scooters have max psi of 45, while for 11", max is 50.

How do I maintain my electric scooters?

Tightening of bolts, cleaning, and avoiding to drain the battery are the basic maintenance of electric scooters.

When not in use, how do I take care my electric scooter?

If you are leaving the scooter for 1 month, leave it with 50-60% charge. Store the unit in dry and covered areas. 

What is the difference between pneumatic, solid and tubeless tires?

Pneumatic tires have inner tubes that you can replace when it gets flat. Solid tire is a flat-free option but will sacrifice the ride comfort. Tubeless are tires without inner tube, just inflate the tires and you are ready to go. Among all these tire options, pneumatic has the most comfortable ride.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It depends on the model, but usually it takes up to 5-9 hours of charging time. Fast chargers are also available for certain models but sold separately. 

Where are Kaabo Scooters made?

Kaabo electric scooter is an international brand from China and available in 20 countries. They also have been designing and producing electric scooters since 2003. 

kaabo electric scooters

When do I schedule my PMS?

The first is 1,000 kms or 4 months whichever comes first. (FREE) 

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How long is the warranty? 

All Kaabo scooters are given 1 year limited warranty. To avoid voiding your warranty only trust Kaabo Technicians to diagnose and fix your electric scooters. Check the list and conditions here that may limit the warranty of your scooters. For more warranty info please click here. 

How do I clean my electric scooter?

Dry cleaning with  is recommended for electric scooters. We recommend using a sprayer with water or motorcycle cleaner to wipe the parts.

Does it require a license?

No, it is not required yet to have a driver's license but having one is a plus especially if you are already familiar with road rules and etiquette.

Can I ride my electric scooters in highways like EDSA?

We highly advise not to use your electric scooters in highways like EDSA, but if you must only use bike lanes or motorcycle lanes and observe traffic rules. It is best for you to use side streets and always wear safety gear. 

I commute everyday, what electric scooter can you recommend?

We recommend commuter scooters with good suspension  and bigger batteries if you want to use it everyday with longer routes. Click here to see our commuter scooters. 

I'm a beginner, what electric scooter can you recommend?

We recommend our entry-level scooters, they are light and easy to operate. Click here to see our beginner scooters

Can kids use these electric scooters?

We recommend 10 years old and up with proper safety gear, guidance, and introduction to electric scooters.

Can you ship abroad? 

As of the moment, no, we can only ship in the Philippines.

What are your forms of payment?

We offer Cash Payments, Home Credit, credit card payments and installment terms for BDO, BPI and Metrobank Card holders. 

Do you have 0% interest payments?

As of the moment, we don't offer any 0% interest payment terms. 

What are the requirements to apply for Home Credit? 

To pre-apply please download the app. Once you have a pre-approval please contact our hotline for a scheduled interview. 

Can you tell me more about the Home Credit application?

The maximum loan from home credit is capped at Php 60,000 and payable up to 12 months and requires at least 50% downpayment. For more info about home credit visit their page for requirements and eligibility:  


kaabo electric scooters

kaabo electric scooters

Do you have COD?

As of the moment, we don't have COD but you may pay your cash payments via BDO and BPI bank deposits or online bank transfers, PayPal, and GCash. 


How long before I receive my item? 

Normally it would take 5-7 working days for us to process your order. And it will be only be processed once your payment has been validated/confirmed. We will also contact you via email or contact number once your item is ready for delivery. 

Do you do delivery and how much is the delivery fee? 

Yes, we can do deliveries via Transportify, Lalamove, LBC or AP Cargo and delivery fee will be shouldered by client.