Our warranty covers electric scooters against manufacturing defects. 

  • Kaabo Electric Scooters: 1 Year from date of delivery
  • Aerlang Electric Scooters: 6 months from date of delivery 
  • Hiley Electric Scooters: 6 months from date of delivery 
  • Zukboard Electric Scooters: 6 months from date of delivery

During this timeframe, EKSTREME SCOOTERS will repair your electric scooter and cover all associated parts cost and labor. We can ship the parts for self-repair at home or refer customers to one of our service partners across the Philippines.

We do not accept returns if the scooter has been used and does not come back in resalable condition.

The following parts and damages are not included as part of the warranty:

Consumables like brake pads, tires, tubes and regular wear and tear of all parts.
Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by collision, fire, accident, environmental conditions (including acid rain, volcanic ash, sea salt, bird droppings, hail or UV exposure), overloading, lack of routine care and maintenance, and/or other misuse not in line with the scooter's intended purpose.

The following events or activities will void the warranty:

• Exceeding the weight and/or speed limits (check product descriptions for your model’s limitations)
• Exposing the electric scooters or battery to ambient temperatures above 100°F or below 0°F for more than a few hours at a time.
• Subjecting the electric scooters to flood water, windstorms, hailstorms or other similar occurrences
• Immersion of our electric scooters in any liquid medium
• Attempting to alter the programming of any electronic system
• Improper battery maintenance

Processing warranty claims:

Contact the dealer or service center immediately to report the problem.
In most cases we will be able to diagnose the problem and give you instruction to fix or recommendation to send it to the service center.

Bring the unit together with the warranty card to avail the service.

If we recommended to bring your scooter to our service center, make sure that you bring the warranty card to show proof of purchase and legitimacy of claim.